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  • Relish the magnificent beaches and the crystal clear blue waters.
  • Engage in summer sports such as windisurfing, scubadiving, sailing and beach volleyball.
  • Visit the traditional villages in the island.
  • See the unique archaeological sites, i.e., the old churches, venetian towers, Kastro, Kouros, the Monasteries and the museums in Naxos Town and Apirathos village.
  • Explore the remarkable Byzantine and Venetian monuments.
  • Take the opportunity to visit the emery installations and marble quarries located in the mountainous region.
  • Walk along the old trails which lead you to breathtaking views on the mountain tops showing respect to the environment.
  • Savour the tastes and smells of quality produce and fine cuisine in traditional style eateries.
  • Appreciate the rare hand made woven textiles and hand made pottery.
  • Take part in the summer festivities and experience culture and tradition.
  • Fall in love with the sounds of island music and dance to the beat of it.
  • Experience the high-spirited nightlife, entertainment to satisfy individual pleasures.
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